Dynafit One PX-TF

£480.00 £455.00

Vendor: Dynafit


This boot features several attributes of the TLT5, adapted to a wide range of customers. Compared to the TLT6, the ONE PX is a bit wider, warmer, stiffer (in ski mode) and more adjustable thanks to 3 buckles. The ONE PX is the perfect choice for ski tourers looking for the lightest and best performing ski boot in this category. Notable features include: a cuff with the widest and smoothest cuff ro- tation possible on the ski touring category; a new articulated cuff buckle ULTRA LOCK SYSTEM 2.0, which, when compared to the previous version, reduces lateral snag, unhampering the transition from SKI to WALK mode and reverse; a short rockered sole (only 304mm for 27.5); the central buckle system (45°) for maximum heel retention and superior downhill performance; a 3mm polyethylene layer provides adequate insulation. Thanks to the BUCKLE RETENTION SYSTEM, the tension of every buckle cable is guaranteed while walking. The sole is compatible with Dynafit bindings and all other touring bindings on the market. The ONE PX offers a newly developed TF – thermoformable liner with unbeatable fit, warmth and performance.


Length: 25, 25,5, 26, 26,5, 27, 27,5, 28, 28,5, 29, 29,5, 30, 30,5, 31, 31,5
Weight (g): 1450 (27,5)
Colours: White/Orange
Shell: Pebax
Cuff: Pebax
Buckle: Ultra-Lock System2.0
Forward lean: 15° - 18° & Walkmode
Cuff rotation: 60°
Sole: Dynafit Pro
Field of use: Ski Touring
Conversion Chart Boots: Conversion Chart Boots.pdf