Aspen Powder Week


Destination: Aspen

Hut-to-hut ski touring involves travelling through mountain landscape in winter on skis under human power rather than through the use of ski lifts, giving access to wild, isolated mountain terrain and a remote and pristine landscape that is rarely experienced by resort-based skiers.

Ski touring with an IFMGA Mountain Guide maximises your enjoyment of the trip by ensuring you are accompanied by an expert in mountaincraft who understands the hazards associated with remote mountain travel.

The principal mountain ranges in Europe – including the Alps, Dolomites, Pyrenees and Apennine Alps - are fantastic arenas for ski touring with very varied terrain. A network of manned huts provide food, heat and shelter therefore eliminating the need to carry large heavy packs.

The main ski touring season in the Alps generally runs from March until May. Depending on weather and ground conditions, ski tourers can enjoy fantastic skiing on powder or corn (spring) snow as well as more challenging skiing on windblown hardpack, crust and ice. Your guide will be an expert in travelling under these conditions and will be able to pass on skills and techniques that will add to the enjoyment of the trip.

Our ski touring programme is probably the most extensive offered by any UK company and stretches from the High Tatras in Poland across the Alps to the Pyrenees on the Spanish - French border.