Avalanche Transceivers/Beacons

BCA's Avalanche Transceivers are the fastest and easiest to use. They have saved scores of lives.

The Tracker digital transceivers offer the industry’s fastest, most precise pinpointing. Secondly, the the real time display means no lag time when every second counts, thirdly the transceivers have a “Special Mode” button that allows for easier searching in multiple burial situations, and fourthly, they come with five year warranty. With every Tracker comes a free avalanche awareness film by Teton Gravity Research and BCA called 'Taking Charge'

Off-piste tales

Davos, Switzerland January 2001 After an epic morning of powder skiing, we decided to traverse across a small face to access some spines. It was right in the middle of the ski area, but deadly nonetheless. As our local friend got out on the slope, the whole face released and left him buried below. I had to post–hole back uphill to get to the debris, and as soon as I switched my Tracker to search mode, I got a signal and homed in on our friend immediately. He was out and breathing in less than 5 minutes, and the ease of use of the Tracker in that stressful situation made the difference between life and death.