Avalanche Shovels & Probes

Our selection of BCA avalanche shovels and probes have been designed and tested rigorously by avalanche safety professionals.

BCA Bomber Shovels are literally bomb-proof!

Research has shown that the shoveling phase is the most time consuming aspect of an avalanche rescue.

With this in mind BCA have designed their latest line of shovels to dig in the most efficient way possible, saving you valuable time and energy.

By welding the ferrule to be inset in the blade, BCA have eliminated the protruding neck piece and made the shovel  much more packable. New ergonomic grip optimizes handling and oval shaft and contoured blade increase torsional rigidity.

Stealth Probes

Stealth Quick-Lock probes guarantee the easiest and fastest assembly on the market, while simultaneously freeing up additional storage space in your pack. Say goodbye to flapping cables and deployment hang-ups. Stealth Quick-Lock can save valuable seconds when time matters.