BCA Snow Saw


Vendor: BCA

Title: BCA Snow Saw


BCA's advanced line of snow study tools allow you to gather the in–field beta you need for your Level 2 avy course or a day of big line slaying with your best buds. Built to be used and abused, these tools were designed in conjunction with the World's most experienced avalanche educators. 

The BCA Snow Saw has a 30cm blade and curved pistol grip handle. This saw is ideal for cutting snow blocks, for all types of snowpack analysis tests and igloos. It will also cut branches and wood if making a temporary shelter below the tree line.

Part of the snow study and safety tool range, the BCA Snow Saw is rugged and reliable. A simple and no frills design make for a strong, durable tool, made to be used and abused.

The BCA Snow Saw also features cm markers along the blade to help with snow block analysis.


  • Blade Length: 30cm
  • Cuts snow, ice and wood
  • Laser-etched centimetre markings
  • Protective sheath included
  • Weight: 0.2kg