BCA Slope Meter

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The BCA Slope Meter is a lightweight inclinometer giving important data on how steep a slope is. Built to be used and abused, the BCA Slope Meter is neigh on indestructible. Using a ball bearing suspended in oil, the BCA Slope Meter simply uses gravity to give a reading of incline, up to 50°, with the most dangerous gradients are indicated in red on a graduated scale.

To get the most accurate reading possible, lay the BCA Slope Meter on a flat surface parallel to the slope, e.g. your ski pole. Stabilising for a quick result, the BCA Slope Meter is marked at every degree for precision readings. Lightweight, the BCA Slope Meter can be thrown into a daypack, making it suitable for use by extreme sportsmen and scientists alike.


  • 0-50° angle
  • Steel ball in liquid-filled tube
  • Marked at every degree
  • Stabilises quickly for fast readings
  • Weight: 0.028 Kg