Avalanche Airbags & Avalungs

We are proud to stock the most respected two brands on the market in avalanche safety - BCA and Black Diamond.

The BCA Float airbags are the lightest and most affordable avalanche airbags on the market. Trusted and used by almost all the mountain professionals you can name, BCA's Float Airbags provide additional trauma protection to the head, neck and upper body. The positioning of airbag behind the head and away from the hips and arms allows for clear peripheral vision and ability to escape the slide. Compressed air cylinder is easily refillable at any of BCA’s 165 certified refill locations and the Airbag is re-packable by the user after deployment.

Black Diamond's AvaLung nine-ounce shoulder sling may be the most important piece of life-saving equipment you can wear when travelling in avalanche terrain when used in tandem with your transceiver and airbag. While a transceiver can be a great body locator device, the AvaLung II allows you to breathe fresh air directly from the snowpack, buying you precious time during a rescue. Rebreathing exhaled air when you’re buried causes suffocation because the air becomes over-saturated with carbon dioxide and depleted of oxygen. The AvaLung II diverts the exhausted air away from your fresh-air intake zone, considerably extending the time your partners have to conduct a successful recovery.

Off-piste tales

Montezuma, Colorado - I was riding near the Snake River drainage and triggered a substantial avalanche.

I was able to deploy my Float 30 airbag shortly after the crown broke. The airbag kept me on the surface of the giant slab which broke above me. I felt like I was riding a mattress down the stairs. This thing saved my life.