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Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah

I was skiing a west-facing slope near Scotties Bowl in late December when a slab roughly 2.5 feet deep by 200 feet wide broke off a few feet above me. I immediately deployed my Float 18 airbag and attempted to self-arrest. The airbag helped me stay above the moving debris and kept me upright. In terms of function, it did its job and made all the difference. I am certain that without the buoyancy of the airbag, I would have been fully engulfed by the avalanche, most likely suffering severe injury from the trees downslope. The airbag gave me a fighting chance to stay upright, dig my edges into the slope, and allow the heavier avy debris to flow beneath me. Looking back, a Whippet would have been very useful in my situation, but I’m sure glad I had my Float 18!
Kate Thomas November 04, 2013 5 tags (show)

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